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the gift corporation

“Be the change” ~Ghandi

 What Can I Give?

Imagine if everyone who was able and willing to pass along the gift of love from their inner most being to another being, knowing the law of multiplication what a world it would be? 

The Gift’s mission is to provide assistance to  a community individual or family member in need to help sustain  or improve their  quality of life.  We envision this to be fulfilled by individual and organizational contributions who align with our mission. Fund raising events specific to ‘The Gift’ will also be a means. 
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What others are saying

"Anita's greatest gift is her spirituality. It's from here, where she works with women to uncover their truth in order to live our best life. Her Mindfulness retreats are powerful reminders to ground yourself in love, truth and empowerment."

Carol Pandiscia, Principal The Healthy Leader and former ESPN Senior Vice President, Technology

Working with Anita

Anita's spiritual retreats, wellness workshops and prayerful yoga sessions are the offerings to guide you to discover your true self.

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Send me an email using the button above, or call: 203.233.6114