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renew your health

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One Day Women’s Renew Your Health Retreat

This day promises to be an enriching experience where each woman will have the opportunity to discover the piece in her life that needs refining and refreshing. It will empower each woman with enough information to embrace health and wholeness one day at a time.

It is a holistic day that will uniquely captivate mind body and spirit paying attention to

  • Eating for energy, vitality and strength
  • Movement for suppleness, ease and strength
  • Silent Prayer & Meditation for greater peace of mind

Included in this day is Anita’s signature Prayerful Yoga Class which is a means to attain spiritual grace and inner peace by gently moving the body integrating mind body and breath for a more peaceful union with self and GOD.

Anita Barbero is a Wellness Master who has been practicing living and teaching wellness most of her adult life. It has been Anita’s one true passion to pass the gift of health and wholeness to anyone seeking true joy and peace in their lives.

Weaved into the wellness package is the spiritual component Anita believes is the chord that keeps us intact and true to ourselves.

Anita’s life has been rooted since childhood in a strong Christian Faith where she truly believes the Holy Spirit lives within her and guides her every single moment of every single day.

It is through Spirit that LOVE has been Anita’s driving force to passionately bring LOVE into the world through her work. To Anita it does not matter what Faith you are rooted in but simply that she pass the gift along of an open heart filled with LOVE. She believes that love heals, love saves and love binds all into a peaceful union.

What others are saying

"Anita's greatest gift is her spirituality. It's from here, where she works with women to uncover their truth in order to live our best life. Her Mindfulness retreats are powerful reminders to ground yourself in love, truth and empowerment."

Carol Pandiscia, Principal The Healthy Leader and former ESPN Senior Vice President, Technology

Working with Anita

Anita's spiritual retreats, wellness workshops and prayerful yoga sessions are the offerings to guide you to discover your true self.

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