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What People Discovered

Weekend of Discovery Sept 30 – Oct 1 2017

What is the one thing you discovered this weekend? 

Bethany Hayes Discovered: “The one thing I discovered from the weekend, as we were all sitting on the beach for our morning meditation on Sunday, is that I can always go back there.  Not the place physically, but that place of peace.  I found myself wishing I could have a life where I could live on the beach and mediate like that every day but something told me that if I had that every day I would take it for granted.  Instead, having a day or weekend retreat is an important way to take the time I never take on my own to refocus and reflect on what’s going on in my life so that I can nurture my feelings, good or bad, hold them and acknowledge them so that I can own my feelings live life in the present moment.  Meditation for me is way to focus my life, and center it positivity, peace, joy, love.  With each retreat I grow more within myself and learn something new about myself.  I am so grateful every time I get to experience a retreat and share this amazing.  These retreats are a true gift, not only for me, but they give me that fulfillment so I can be a gift to others who are in my life.”




Doreen Staskelunas Discovered:  “In our busy, hyper-connected world, the opportunity for stillness, reflection and community can be rare, if not non-existent. Yet, they are so important and necessary. The Renew Your Health retreats hosted by Anita Barbero will not only renew your health, but will renew your soul. 

Anita pours her gifts into her guests, leading them in several different meditations, gentle yoga and thoughtful reflections. She brings diverse and interesting professionals to share their gifts and enrich the experience. The retreats are always in a beautiful setting on hallowed grounds. You will leave renewed and refreshed.”




Lynn Balash Discovered:   “The weekend was great. I enjoyed our sessions of mindfulness which are calming and peaceful.   I found  being on the water and able to sit on the beach, gazing at the ocean and hearing the ebb and flow are especially soothing, relaxing and  spiritual. I  have occasionally thought about writing a story, but not about me, so that was a thoughtful endeavor as well. One of my favorite parts of your retreats is the yoga practices and the massages. The house we were in lent perfectly  to the mood as well – so open and light. You and Dana provided us with good food and wonderful surroundings.  So, you took  care of us:  mind, body and spirit!

The discovery I had was that the different  sounds from bowls being played can affect alignment and healing. I enjoyed the deep sounding bowl that could be felt through the floor.  All in all, it was a wonderful weekend spent with wonderful women at a beautiful location.”

What others are saying

"Anita's greatest gift is her spirituality. It's from here, where she works with women to uncover their truth in order to live our best life. Her Mindfulness retreats are powerful reminders to ground yourself in love, truth and empowerment."

Carol Pandiscia, Principal The Healthy Leader and former ESPN Senior Vice President, Technology

Working with Anita

Anita's spiritual retreats, wellness workshops and prayerful yoga sessions are the offerings to guide you to discover your true self.

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