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Featuring Doreen Staskelunas

belief and opportunity

My inner dialog. For a very long time, while I heard it, I didn’t really know it was there. Which is interesting, because it ruled every decision I ever made. It kept me safe, that was true. But did it keep me from living fully?

About 18 months ago, I took a step that began a change. Some might call it a shift, but to me, it was bigger than that. I started my own business out of my house, a virtual franchise, selling Rodan + Fields Skincare. It was an opportunity to change my future. Partnering with world class, innovative dermatologists who had already built a billion dollar brand in Proactiv was an easy decision. I loved the idea (and still do) of helping women and men become their best self by using premium skincare products that give them a new found confidence by slowing the signs of aging, and treating sun-damamged, acne and sensitive skin.  As if that wasn’t enough, I could share an opportunity to improve the financial future of anyone willing to believe in themselves, the products and the business model, by joining my team. What could be more exciting than that?! But in order to do those things, I had to change the dialog in my head. I had to believe in myself. Tell myself I COULD do it, rather than I couldn’t do it. What I found was, in doing things that were uncomfortable, that is where the growth is. That is where the living is.

I began to embrace what was uncomfortable in other aspects of my life too. As I continue to take steps on the journey to change not only the dialog in my head, I am changing my life. And that is an empowering reality.


Featuring Linda Root Pouder;   Mother of Two; Senior Designer at ESPN The Magazine & Co-owner of Mayapple Hill Farm

I work at taking each day one at a time.

Mayapple Hill Farm family

Life is never dull or stagnant for most of us. There is an ever-growing list of items on our to-do list. I’m certainly no stranger to feeling like I’d prefer a few more hours each day to complete all of my tasks. It’s easy to lose focus on what becomes too much to take on. I’m typically an optimist which generally is good, until discovering I often agree to more than I have the bandwidth to handle. Recently, I’ve realized that each day we are given a chance to evolve and learn from prior decisions, and it’s ok to say “no” at times.

They say opposites attract, but instead my husband Nick and I are more peas in a pod, with congruent beliefs and priorities. Our decision to start a farm was born of three basic purposes: raise our children to understand and appreciate how food is grown, lead a simple life close to nature, and share the bounty with our community. Keeping our hands in the soil and tending to livestock, promotes a natural lifestyle that grounds us with the Earth, each other, and our girls. It’s certainly not always easy, but always worthwhile.

Other parts of my life keep me grounded as well. I feel blessed to have found an invigorating field to work in. Flexing creative muscles every day as a designer is a great outlet for self-expression. It is rewarding to connect with others and help them reach their professional goals through graphic design.

So, I could always use more hours in my day to finish all the tasks I set for myself. The most important task I’m finding is learning to breathe, and appreciate what I have accomplished that day, not what is still on that to-do list. It will always be there.

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"Anita's greatest gift is her spirituality. It's from here, where she works with women to uncover their truth in order to live our best life. Her Mindfulness retreats are powerful reminders to ground yourself in love, truth and empowerment."

Carol Pandiscia, Principal The Healthy Leader and former ESPN Senior Vice President, Technology

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