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meet anita

I am passionate about passing the gift of health and wholeness

to as many people as possible. I truly believe each individual
holds innate value and significance. By simply being aware and
making conscious daily choices about your health you can live a
happier more fulfilling life
as well as pass the gift of life along to your
children, your loved ones and your community.


  • Wellness Coach
  • Yoga/Meditation Trainer
  • Speaker
  • Trainer
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Anita can be your guide to wellness, fulfillment and happiness in your life. Find out  how you can discover your true self.

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What others are saying

"Anita's greatest gift is her spirituality. It's from here, where she works with women to uncover their truth in order to live our best life. Her Mindfulness retreats are powerful reminders to ground yourself in love, truth and empowerment."

Carol Pandiscia, Principal The Healthy Leader and former ESPN Senior Vice President, Technology

Working with Anita

Anita's spiritual retreats, wellness workshops and prayerful yoga sessions are the offerings to guide you to discover your true self.

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